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Commonly Asked Questions . . . 
How often should I have my windows cleaned?
The frequency of your window cleaning depends on several factors:

  • How important are clean windows to you?
  • Are you located on a busy street?
  • Do you have a lot of foot traffic in and out of your business/home?
  • Do you have children or pets?
  • Do you smoke or burn candles often?
  • Do you have a beautiful view? Do you look out of your windows often?
  • And, of course, what is your window cleaning budget?

The most common window cleaning schedule is three to four cleanings per year.  (We offer a reduced price for our  Maintenance Service  customers who have their windows cleaned a minimum of three times per year.)  Twice a year ~ usually spring and fall ~ is also popular.  North central Washington is blessed to have four beautiful seasons with little inclement weather so year-round cleaning is both needed and desired.

Many of our customers have only the outsides cleaned every other cleaning ~ this works best if there are no children, pets, smoking, or candles regularly burned.
How does the weather affect my window cleaning?
As the saying goes . . . through rain, sleet, snow, and hail . . . and heat and cold . . .

Every season and weather condition requires a different cleaning technique, and our employees are trained and experienced with what is needed.  Because it is dirt that makes your windows dirty, and not the rain or snow, windows can usually be cleaned when it is raining or snowing.  Our experienced window cleaners will evaluate the effectiveness of the cleaning, and unless we can provide our customers the cleanest windows possible, we will reschedule your window cleaning for a better day.  
Our work is always 100 percent guaranteed, so if the rain should mar your newly cleaned windows, just give us a call (within a reasonable time, of course!), and we will have a crew stop by and touch up the affected windows.
Do you offer a rain guarantee?
Oh no, a bird just hit my beautifully cleaned window!
NO WORRIES!  This is a common problem after BC Window Care has cleaned your windows ~ they are so sparkling clean even the birds can't see the glass!  Just as with the rain, our work is 100 percent guaranteed, so if a bird has hit your newly cleaned windows, just give us a call (within a reasonable time, of course!), and we will have a crew stop by and touch up the affected windows.  
Is it okay to give the crew a tip?
ABSOLUTELY!  These crews work very hard in all kinds of weather and in all kinds of circumstances.  Their sole goal is to please you, the customer.  If you would like to show your appreciation by giving them a tip ~ whether it is fresh-baked cookies, the always appreciated cash, or simply a sincere compliment ~ you can be sure it will truly make their day!
I think they missed a window . . .
Unfortunately over time, thermal-paned windows often become defective.  The thermal seal "breaks" and allows air, moisture, and sometimes dirt to get between the two pieces of glass.  This process can happen seemingly overnight or it can occur (or become worse) over a period of time.  It is easy to think the defective window was missed during the cleaning process, and this is undoubtedly the most common complaint we receive.  

It is certainly possible that your cleaners may have unknowingly missed a window so PLEASE call us so we can return and fix the problem.  However, if it is indeed a broken seal, the only solution is to actually replace the window.  
What if I want just some of my windows cleaned?
Whatever you desire!  Most often we clean both insides and outsides of all the windows.  But we can clean just the windows you can't reach.  Or just the outsides.  Or just the view windows.  Or . . .   
What are your safety policies?
At BC Window Care, SAFETY is our #1 concern.  Although we do everything possible to clean even the hardest to reach windows, our company motto is:

We most often work in crews of two to ensure the utmost safety for our employees and for your property.  On "tricky" ladder sets, roof work, etc, one person holds the ladder and looks out for problem issues, enabling the other person to focus specifically on cleaning the window.

Stocking feet and shoe covers can be slippery so our employees carry "inside only" shoes for inside ladder work.  

As the area's only member of the International Window Cleaning Association, we have access to the most up-to-date window cleaning safety rules, and every employee participates in our monthly safety training.
YES!  All BC Window Care employees are covered through our state's Labor & Industries insurance  should he or she be injured on your property (unfortunately, accidents do happen).  

We also carry liability insurance which protects our customer from accidental damage to their property.

IMPORTANT:  Owners of businesses are not legally required to be covered through Labor & Industries and thus are seldom insured.  Should they have an accident or be injured on your property, YOU, the business owner or home owner are legally responsible for all damages to your property or to the injured worker.
Are you insured?